Studio Update

It’s been a couple of months since our last post about our new studio, and things have moved on a lot. The structure of the new space in the attic is now built, and the walls are finished. We’ve insulated the floor, ceiling and walls with the thickest insulation we could fit, so hopefully we won’t annoy the neighbors too much!

I spent a few hours over the bank holiday weekend fitting the skirting boards, with the sounds of Love Saves the Day (a festival held in central Bristol) drifting in through the open windows. As soon as that was done, the carpet was fitted, so we’re getting really close to being able to build the studio back up – exciting times 🙂 Our electrician is coming in the next few days to do the second fix, and once he’s done we can get on with the build.

The plan is to get everything set up so we can get back on the tune writing, and then to think properly about acoustic treatment – we’ve got some friends in Bristol who should be able to help analyse the space and work out exactly what we need to do. We’ll definitely post some updates about that process, and the results.


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