Bad Tango – Ilk

Bad Tango’s long awaited album, Ilk, is out on the 22nd October, just over a week away. We were lucky enough to get an advance copy a couple of months back, and have been listening to it loads here at Monk3ylogic HQ (and on the road too this summer!). It’s really a bit good, here’s what we had to say about it when we were asked for some feedback:

“Ilk is stunning. It’s a proper album, not a hastily thrown collection of tracks with a limited shelf life – instead Ilk is a journey through lush soundscapes and varied genres, held together with a core of musicality and crisp, deep production. It sounded absolutely great on the first listen, and has grown on us since – I can see us listening to this for many many years to come. In places Ilk sounds like something that Ott would have written, in others like more Hedflux, in others something completely different, but always with the funky swagger you’d expect from Bad Tango! Absolutely love it!”

If you want to hear the album played out in full, with the added bonus of seeing us, Neurodriver and more, then head down to Brighton for the 26th October for the launch party! Full details here:

Make sure you grab yourselves a copy when this drops, and support the hard work, talent and love that Will has poured into this! It will be available on bandcamp from the 22nd October:

You can listen to previews of the album below:

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