Andy Faze – Psychedelic Dreams Remix

We’re excited to announce that we’ve got a new tune coming out really soon! We’ve remixed Andy Faze’s new track Psychedelic Dreams and both the original and the remix are out on May 26th on Sub Element Recordings.

You can pre-order / buy here:

Andy Faze delivers us yet again another gift from the psychedelic gods!
Psychedelic Dreams takes you on a galactic space adventure with its captivating hooks and atmospheric sorcery that’s layered upon a meaty foundation of grooves and beats.
Another mighty addition for team psybreaks!
We are most fortunate, the legends Monk3ylogic have graced us with a banger of a remix!
Keeping on with Andy’s infectious hooks and sound, the duo take it in a techy direction adding their signature sound and spin to it.
A legendary and winning combination is what we have here! We’re honored to be part of this most excellent release!

Out May 26th on Sub Element Recordings!

Monk3ylogic remix mastering and additional mixing by Phil Brainiac.

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